Luwei Furnace supplies electrical Drop Bottom Furnaces which are intended for solution heat treatment of Aluminum parts. Drop Bottom Sintering Furnaces integrate solution heat treatment and quenching into one controllable operation. There are manufactured in various sizes according to the customer requirements.

1600°C Electric Drop Bottom Furnace is mainly used in the experiment and production of ceramics glasschemical industry electronics metallurgy, new material, development machinery refractories, building materials, special materials and other products. Loading from bottom Lifting bottom controlled by electric freely lift. Up and down limited switch double safety for bottom moving.

Drop Bottom Sintering Furnace
Brand Name: Luwei
Model: 1600C Electric drop bottom loading furnace
Max.Temperature: 1600°C
Working Temperature: 1600°C
Furnace Chamber Size: 500*500*500MM
Temperature Controller: PID and SCR
Control Accuray: ± 1°C
Heating Element: MoSi2 rods
Thermocouple: B type
Chamber Material: High purity Ceramic fiber

The 1600C Electric drop bottom loading furnace is one of the type of Luwei Drop Bottom Sintering Furnace, Drop-bottom aluminum heat treat furnaces are used to solution heat treat aluminum alloys. 1600C Electric drop bottom loading furnace is High purity alumina fiber insulation and Morgan materials brick.