Description of Car Bottom Furnace

Car Bottom Furnace is also called as Shuttle Furnace Car Bottom Furnace and Pottery Kiln. Car Bottom Furnace is welded for heating treatment ceramic tiles/bricks, sintering glass materials, pottery, sintering kinds of ceramics, heating treatment for metals and heat treatment of the new materials and composite materials. 

The design of a Car Bottom Furnace incorporates a rail mounted product car to transfer parts into and out of the furnace. The Car Bottom Furnace is an excellent solution to heat-treat large and heavy welded fabrications such as gear blanks, oil drill pipe, drive shafts, and similar type products. 

Features of Car Bottom Furnace
1200°C degree 1600°C degree metal or ceramics heat treatment furnace Car Bottom Furnace is welded by steel and profiled steel; furnace chamber is ceramic fiber and high quality electric resistance wire/SiC heaters, which can save 40% energy than brick furnace chamber. Car Bottom Furnace is mainly used for annealing, normalizing and stress relieving of bars and tubes, forgings, large weldments and castings.