Description of Shuttle Kilns
If you need to heat process ceramics, metals or glass in various ways and require flexible production schedules, or different cycles to different temperatures, then a Carbottom/Shuttle Kiln may be the best choice for your application. Luwei furnace’s Shuttle Kilns define batch firing for the ceramic industry. The kilns come in a wide range of capacities and with a choice of door, combustion system, and control designs. 

A Shuttle Kiln is a car-bottom kiln with a door on one or both ends. Burners are positioned top and bottom on each side, creating a turbulent circular air flow. This type of kiln is generally a multi-car design and is used for processing whitewares, technical ceramics, and refractories in batches. A Shuttle Kiln derives its name from the fact that kiln cars can enter a shuttle kiln from either end of the kiln for processing, whereas a tunnel kiln has flow in only one direction. 

Features of Shuttle Kilns
Ceramic Electric Shuttle Kiln with trolley is also called as shuttle furnacecar bottom furnace and pottery kiln in china. Welded by steel and profiled steel and chamber is high purity ceramic fiber plates and high quality electric resistance wire.